John W. Turner : Founder and Senior Advisor

John W. Turner

Executive Director

A graduate of Purdue University, John Turner served in both the U.S. Coast Guard (1992-1996) and the U.S. Army (2003-2007), where he deployed to Mosul, Iraq with the 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team, which was extended and reassigned to Baghdad in 2006. He rose to the rank of Captain, was awarded the Bronze Star for exceptionally meritorious service, and was recognized by best-selling author/journalist Robert Kaplan as a future leader in America. Returning from Iraq, he saw the need to assist his fellow vets and developed the concept of a residential facility that offered a battery of services to assist them to self-reliance — the Veterans Life Center.

Martin D. Woodard : Program Director

Martin D. Woodard

Program Director

Martin has worked in the behavioral health field for over 30 years. Initially in the US Air Force providing counseling and traveling throughout Asia inspecting clinics. Upon retirement, he relocated to NC, where he has held top positions at the UNC School of Medicine and the State Division of Mental Health.

Joyce Kohn : Development Consultant

Joyce Kohn

Development Director

Joe Hazel

Joe Hazel


Spiritual and Family Counselor

David Robinson : General Counsel

David Robinson

General Counsel