Resident Application

Resident Application

The Veterans Life Center Resident Application

Veterans organizations, persons who served in the armed forces post 9-11 and agencies wishing to refer a veteran to VLC, should complete and submit this pre-screening form.  You will be contacted by someone from VLC to follow up.

The Veterans Life Center is a residential program designed to help at-risk 21st Century male and female veterans. It is our goal to provide each of our residents the prospect of a constructive and personally satisfying role in civil society. By strengthening their mental fitness and physical health, improving life skills and providing vocational training, we will guide them to career opportunities and community reintegration, averting all-too-frequent crises such as homelessness, incarceration, suicide and premature death.

To streamline our referrals and provide rapid decision making, completion/submission of this instrument is the first required step to determine eligibility.

We are committed to providing Veterans who seek our guidance the ability to fast track their way to self-sufficiency through employment, support and accountability. Our facility is not a shelter or a program for those who are unwilling to participate in building a pathway to higher levels of success upon serving their country. Feel free to contact us directly at (919) 803-5516.

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