In designing the Coordinated Care program of services to be offered at the Veterans Life Center, VLC studied the best practices of similar programs throughout the U.S. and combined them into a comprehensive and synergistic system.  A committee of local, state and federal level experts worked with VLC professionals to develop the details of the program.

Parts of the overall program are conducted in-house by VLC staff, consultants and contract agencies. Others are conducted off-campus at recognized facilities with which VLC is partnering.

Some VLC residents may need all or most of the services; others may need only one or a few. These details are worked out on a customized, individual basis by VLC case managers and the residents themselves and constitute each resident’s Individualized Veteran’s Reintegration Plan (IVRP).

Specific Coordinated Care Services
  • Mental Fitness and Behavioral Health Therapy
  • Physical Health Care
  • Life Skills Training
  • Family Reunification Counseling
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Educational Advancement and Certification
  • Community Integration and Post Graduate Mentoring

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