Five Star Leadership Campaign

Five Star Leadership Campaign

5 Star Leadership Campaign


Once they marched into harm’s way to advance the cause of freedom. You can picture them in their desert cammys, sixty pounds of gear strapped to their body, eyes alert because the sniper could be anywhere. They did their job, and they survived. And then they came home.

But for far too many, coming home was not the joyous occasion they had anticipated. Perhaps they suffered from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury or some other service-related condition. Perhaps their reunion with their spouse did not go well. Perhaps they found their skills didn’t match the job market.

They looked for help, but it was either inadequate, piecemeal or nonexistent. As a result, they fell through the cracks and into a spiral headed toward crisis: homelessness, incarceration, suicide, premature death. The Veterans Life Center is designed to provide an intervention that will end the spiral before it’s too late. Our program of Coordinated Care can rescue a veteran from despair, and help him or her find a constructive and personally-satisfying role in civil society.

To date, the Veterans Life Center has raised close to $9 million in public and private support. We are committed to raising an additional $4 million to fund the operations and services our veterans need to end the despair and get on the path to success. With the goal of eventually providing up to 150 beds for male and female veterans, the Veterans Life Center is a first-of-its-kind program of personalized therapy, counseling and education. It will serve as a model for the nation. To make it happen, we need your help.

On Friday, October 27, 2017, we broke ground of the future Veterans Life Center and publicly launched the 5 Star Leadership Campaign to recognize the men and women who have honorably served our country in the 21st Century. Your support will provide our residents the services they need to become self-sufficient members of the community.

Naming Rights at a Glance

1 Building
3 Wings
$400,000 each
1 Kitchen
1 Dining Room
1 Multi-Purpose Room
2 Courtyards
$250,000 each
1 Entrance Foyer
$75,000 SOLD – Named in memory of Jack Hawke
2 Day Rooms
$65,000 each
1 Dispensary
1 Nurses Station
1 Computer Lab
1 Chapel
$25,000 SOLD – Named for Angie Crumpler
1 Conference Room
$25,000 SOLD – Named for Angie Crumpler
1 Library
$25,000 SOLD – Named in memory of John Watkins
1 Fitness Center
40 Rooms
$10,000 each 7 SOLD
16 Offices
$7,500 each

To learn more about our efforts and available naming rights, please contact Joyce Kohn with Kohn Associates at or 919-210-3829.

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... and hundreds of caring people like you. THANK YOU!