Veterans Leadership Council Launches Push-Up Challenge

RALEIGH, NC. SEPTEMBER 29, 2014. Every day, 22 American veterans commit suicide. Last year, more than 8,000 homeless North Carolina veterans contacted the VA for help.

The Veterans Leadership Council of North Carolina – CARES was formed to combat these problems. The NC Council of State has given the VLC a $1-a-year lease on a campus of buildings in Butner to build the Veterans Life Center, and they have received a $4.2 million Community Development Block Grant to refurbish the first building.

But the VLC has to raise private funds to develop the program of care that will truly bring the help needed to those veterans suffering from PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and other maladies that prevent them from successfully reintegrating into civilian life.

So the VLC is launching a program called the Push-Up challenge. The idea is to get people to do 22 push-ups, contribute $22 to help fund the Veterans Life Center, and challenge their friends to do likewise. People are also invited to video their efforts at the push-ups, and post the videos on their Facebook pages.

“This is an interesting and entertaining way for people to make a real contribution to a very serious problem,” said John Turner, Executive Director of VLCNC-CARES. “The Veterans Life Center is designed to provide clean, safe housing, state-of-the-art mental health services, substance abuse services, life skills and job training…all to get these people who defended us re-integrated back into society.”

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