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The Founders Club

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What did you do during the war? The current war, the War on Terror. The war still going on more than sixteen years after Nine-Eleven. Unlike previous wars, only a few Americans are actually serving, actually putting on the uniform and deploying to Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere.

In this war, only a few have put themselves in harm’s way to defend the rest of us from the malign forces who want to end our way of life and install a regime based on primitive savagery in the guise of religion.

Those brave heroes who volunteered to take on the assignment to protect the rest of us deserve much more than a simple “thank you for your service.” On returning from their tour of duty, they face many challenges, and they deserve every helping hand we can extend to help them find a constructive and personally-satisfying place in civil society.

For those of us who didn’t volunteer for service, for whatever reason, there is still a way to answer the question with honor. We can open our hearts and wallets and make a donation to help our returning heroes make a success of their post-military lives. The Veterans Life Center is now under construction in Butner, North Carolina. Designed to provide safe and secure interim housing stability for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), traumatic brain injury (TBI), and the other demons that haunt them as they attempt to reintegrate into civilian America, the Veterans Life Center is unlike any other facility in America. There, veterans – men and women – of 21st Century wars will find the treatment, counseling and training they so desperately need.

So, what you can do during the war is to become a member of the Veterans Life Center Founders Club. You do it by contributing to help fund the planning, programs and operations of the Center when it opens next Spring. As a member of the Founders Club, you will receive two things: the first is a permanent marker of your donation at the Veterans Life Center, in your own name, or in honor of a veteran of your choice – perhaps a loved one or family member who served America in any war in its history.

The second benefit you receive for becoming a member of the Founders Club is even better. It’s the pride you will feel for having done something really important during the war: helping our war heroes avert the crises that are driving so many of them to homelessness, incarceration, suicide or premature death.

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